EF500 Accessories

BluebirdCare™ Total Care (3 Years)
for EF500


  • Term:
    • Device: 3 Years
    • Battery: 1 Year
    • Accessory: 6 Months
  • Repair by Bluebird Technicians: ✔
  • Overall inspection in accordance with rigorous standard: ✔
  • Turnaround...


Bluebird Trigger Handle
for EF500

Pistol grip trigger handle for the EF500 (standard battery compatibility only).


Bluebird Holster
for EF500

Device holster for the EF500.


Bluebird Power Adapter for Direct Charging
for EF400, EF500 & EF500R

5V/2A, North America power adapter for direct charging to your device. Compatible with Bluebird Mobile Computers: EF400, EF500, and EF500R.




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