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Krinkle streamlines business process management of assets, people, and the work they perform. Krinkle goes beyond other form apps, giving you a smarter and faster way to automate complex industry processes and workflows.

Krinkle apps are built on the world-class Mobile Epiphany workflow automation platform and are smarter than your average paperless solutions. Everything you do today with paper forms can be accomplished using Krinkle — without the extra hassle, cost, and environmental impact of stacks of paper. Krinkle was designed to keep your internal processes intact with features like if/then conditional logic, electronic signatures, offline mode, and secure submission capabilities so you never have to compromise your business process management.



GeniusCentral, Inc. – Founded in 1999, GeniusCentral is a leading provider of enterprise retail and supplier order management, automation and promotional software platforms. The company’s mission is to create SaaS solutions for retailers and suppliers that concentrates on increasing velocity and operational efficiency while increasing profitability. GeniusCentral serves a large network of independent and natural retailers, supports the largest natural product database in the industry and processes close to $2 billion in ordering transactions annually.



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