BluebirdCare™ Total Care (3 Years)<br /><small>for EF500R</small>

BluebirdCare™ Total Care (3 Years)
for EF500R


  • Description


    • Term:
      • Device: 3 Years
      • Battery: 1 Year
      • Accessory: 6 Months
    • Repair by Bluebird Technicians: ✔
    • Overall inspection in accordance with rigorous standard: ✔
    • Turnaround Time (in house repair time): 3 Days
    • Repair Coverage:
      • Manufacturer Defect: ✔
      • Normal Wear & Tear: ✔
      • Latest Firmware Upgrade Loaded: ✔
    • Shipping Cost:
      • Inbound: ✔
      • Outbound: ✔
    • 1 or 2 Years Renewal: ✔
    • Accidental Breakage: ✔
    • Battery Refresh: ✔
    • Internet Help Desk: ✔

    • The Bluebird Care is limited to paid devices and batteries. And must be purchased within 90 days of Bluebird Shipping date. Bluebird Care is activated from PO received date except Basic Care.
    • 1 or 2 years renewal:
      • Purchasing requirement : before the end of each warranty only the customers who bought Special Care, and Total Care can buy a renewal and the 1 time purchasing of the same warranty program is possible. The price of 1 or 2 years renewal after the purchasing of 5 years. Special or Total Care are negotiable with sales manager.
      • Guaranteed terms and conditions : the same condition is guaranteed for 1 or 2 years when you buy it.
    • Special Care, and Total Care warranty period is up to 7 years.
    • Out of Coverage: Warranty coverage does not cover any of the cases below:
      • Unauthorized service center or untrained person repaired the breakages.
      • Original factory serial numbers have been removed, deleted, damaged.
      • Damages by improper use such as inappropriate packing, opening, assembling, installation, remove, etc.
      • Damages by external shock on purpose.
      • Damages by abnormal use or abusing.
      • Dismantlement by an unauthorized person, intentional damage, accidental disruption by conflagration, larceny and war, disruption by natural disaster like flood or earthquake.
    • Battery Refresh
      • Battery shipping cost is not included in Battery Refresh service. You cover two ways shipping cost inbound (receive new battery) and outbound (return defective battery).
      • Before purchasing Battery Refresh and/or Total Care, you have to discuss with our sales manager whether battery shipping is possible for your country according to IATA (International Air Transport Association) rules.
      • Purchasing requirement : Special Care(optional) and Total Care programs cover battery replacement.
      • Guaranteed terms and conditions : after 24 months of purchasing devices, Bluebird replaces the old batteries.
      • Built-in batteries are excluded.
      • After receiving new the batteries, you have to return the old batteries to Bluebird HQ.
    • For OS upgrades, you need additional consultation with your Bluebird sales manager.
    • If you are in exceptional situation that cannot be applied to Bluebird Care, Bluebird can oer a customized warranty under prior consultation.
    • Internet help desk - You can get appropriate service through Bluebird KS and a discrete regional service manager.

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