Socket Mobile Charging Mount for CHS 7Ci & S700 Series Scanners

Socket Mobile Charging Mount for CHS 7Ci & S700 Series Scanners


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    Don’t feel restricted or held down by your scanner’s charging station. With the mobility of the Series 7 CHS 7Ci and 700 Series Bluetooth® wireless technology scanners that go almost anywhere, their own Charging Mount can go almost anywhere, too.

    If you’re creative enough to imagine the spot and handy enough to use a drill, the possibilities of placing the Charging Mount are almost endless. Create your own artistic stand for your boutique shop. Place multiple Mounts in a row on the wall so they’re out of the way in the warehouse. Position on a desk, so it’s conveniently within reach. Even with the convenient lanyard, the Charging mount is designed to charge the scanner with the lanyard attached. The LED lights remain within view, indicating the varying status of the charge.

    Wherever you need the Charging Mount, you can probably place it. And with a magnet in the mounting arch to hold the precious scanner in place, readers remain safe and secure wherever the mount is installed.


    • Like the 700 Series and Series 7 barcode scanners, the Charging Mount was designed with aesthetics, ease-of-use, and performance.
    • Easy to screw the Charging Mount to a table, wall, or any other flat surface.
    • Charges 700 Series and Series 7 when not in use.
    • Lanyard can still be used with the Charging Mount.

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